Custom Framing Options

Framing options can be applied to all sizes available from Packages 1-3.

Shown below are some possible framing options to help you visualise how your portrait might look like framed.
Any of the options below can be altered to suit your personalised preference. Contact us for a pricing quote.
Note: All custom framed images are protected with low sheen protective glass.
(Samples shown are indicative only.)

02 | Floating Torn-edge Print with Standard Frame

02 | White mat, floating torn-edge print, black matte wooden box frame

01 | White mat, floating torn-edge print, white matte wooden box frame

02 | Standard Frame with Plain Mat

01 | White mat, White matte wooden frame

02 | White mat, black matte wooden frame

03 | Circular Wooden Frame

01 | White matte wooden frame

02 | Black matte wooden frame

03 | Gold ornate wooden frame